Monday, January 03, 2011

Calling Australia's 1-300 numbers

Just a quick note to remind anyone calling an Australian 1-300 number, these are mis-advertised as the same as calling a land-line (they maybe in Australia), but when calling from overseas they are really really expensive. I was put on hold and kept waiting for 7 minutes and the call cost me 2.20 Euros for just over 10 minutes.

Note to Australian companies, these numbers are advertised very widely and agressively with so many benefits. Please keep in mind that they are not telling you the disadvantages, you will lose brand loyalty from any overseas customers - TPP Internet, I hope you're listening.

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Anonymous Doug said...

Good point Alan - I also learned the hard way. Spent 10 minutes chatting to my brother in Perth and freaked when I got the bill.
We really need some meaningful competition in the telecoms sector

6:44 pm  

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