Friday, April 02, 2010

House to rent for the World Cup - or any big 'attraction'

We wanted to share in the economic development we've seen happening in our city over the past couple of years, so we planned to rent out our house in our beautiful city of Cape Town during the World Cup. It's more difficult than we assumed and it appears the mass of visitors everyone expected may not materialise. Or is there a glut of accommodation and not the shortage the alarmists we're initially projecting. updated: July 2010: Cape Town - Green Point was rated by far the best location for the 9 games held here, but it didn't attract the players (it's sea level) nor the media teams and other infrastructure groups. It was ironic that we had no tenants in the house for the duration of "the silly season" and straight afterwards everything returned to normal. Hope others can learn from this.

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