Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Longevity of Blogger posts

I'm confused. I haven't blogged for a month because I'm trying to work out some issues with the Blogger. My old posts aren't properly indexed on the search engines because they're 'archived' and no longer have their own unique URL. Some old posts do still have a unique page. I've played with all the Blogger settings but I can't seem to find a way to ensure every blog post gets and keeps it's own URL/ page. Am I missing something? Shall I just migrate to a proper Wordpress blog? Please help!

On the issue of confusion, I'm also a little confused about Jacob Zuma. Is he corrupt or not? Will we have a corrupt President or is he going to make some positive changes to the Parliament?

More confusion. We had an 'end of year' even at FPC last week. I took a few photos and I'm not sure where to share them. Do I post them to flickr (which I use less and less), picasaweb (which we use more and more) or Facebook (where I think many people I know may get to see them, or since it's a past event, may not), which also begs the question, where on facebook to post (on an event, my photos, a group or why not just via picasa or flickr plugin)?

I'd love to hear what you think.

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Blogger aLan said...

I finally found the answer to the blogger longevity quandary here and I'll be writing more about Flickr and Picasa soonest...

11:11 am  

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