Thursday, October 11, 2007

Too many in the To

A colleague has a policy with Sanlam and today received an email from a 'Consultant'. He says in his email "In our endeavours to communicate more effectively, we make use of electronic communication via e-mail." Unfortunately, he sent the email to over 850 email addresses, in the 'To:' field*. It may not yet be illegal which I thought a pathetic irony, but is it? So what's to do about it? Please leave a comment.

*I believe that some email programs don't show more than the first few addresses. Those that do, show how much more bandwidth and space is used in the header, than the message itself.

Maybe the answer is that if you work in a big company, to tell the mail administrator to set alarms if someone tries to send 'to' more than 20 recipients. Use a mailing list broker (Vanilla do good business providing enterprise grade list services and education to ensure these remain legitimate).

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Blogger Colin said...

That's quite strange, I've had very good dealings with Sanlam and generally dealt with very competent folks, on one occasion I had to get a particular form from them, and the guy emailed it to me and I received it in good order while still on the phone to him.

Misunderstandings about the insecurity of putting all your recipients in the To or CC fields is quite a common thing, but perhaps our mail systems should catch mails which have a ludicrous amount of recipients?

12:31 pm  
Blogger aLan said...

Hi colin,
I did not label this article very well at first. I've reviewed it's title and tried to explain what I meant better. I have great respect for the company. We are fortunate to have great financial services and a fairly competitive environment. Many thanks for the positive comment.

11:03 pm  

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