Friday, August 03, 2007

Nokia E70 review (it's got 3G, wifi and Mac OS X)

After 6 months of contemplating, 6 weeks of writing letters, many forms, phone calls and sending faxes, I finally received my new E70 last week. After a day I was as pleased as I still am now. Great phone albeit slower than my previous. On a 'Talk120' package I also received a free Nokia bluetooth headset which works surprisingly well.

My first hour wasn't a happy one, I was trying to connect to a wifi network (that required a static IP). One needs to select the tools, settings, network and then a 'hidden' option called 'advanced settings' in order to find out how to set DNS and (static) IP address options. If you know this then you need not have any frustration at all. In order to sync my contacts and calendars all I had to do was pair the phone with my Mac (Macbook Pro OS X running an updated 10.4.8) fire up isync - make the basic settings as per my previous phone - and press sync. It worked first time and within 20 minutes my phone was fully loaded with all my appointments and (mobile) contacts. It also put my todo list on - which I am not sure I wanted and I don't know how to remove - and now I'm thinking to just load all my contacts.
I'll leave the letter of escalation to ICASA regards MNP related stoppages, and the headset for another post and stick to the phone here.

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Blogger aLan said...

I see someone else also loves their E70, alot more than an iPhone.

12:58 pm  
Anonymous Caspar said...

Hi, How did you manage to connect your E70 to iSync? When I do it iSync says cannot sync this device.

9:07 pm  
Anonymous Caspar said...

I googled and found Nokia has a plug-in via this link

9:11 pm  
Blogger aLan said...

Thanks for this link. I didn't realise that sometime in the past I had previously copied a bunch of Nokia scripts to my Macbook. Hope it all works for you now as well as it did for me?

1:02 pm  

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