Monday, May 21, 2007

Wired bookmarks

Just got through my April edition and dog eared these:
- How to Ditch DRM (and the catch that they identified) : Wolverine ESP (media player - bulky and zero sex appeal), MythTV (PVR - 'is pricey because it requires a PC' a topic in my next blog post), Ubuntu (linux - 'requires some new learning'), eMusic (major labels steer clear of this service), Gamepark holdings (Linux game and media centre resulting in amateur games)
- The best google mashups - News Map, PediaX (cool!), safe2pee, (and other US centric sites)
- Organs for sale : you gotta love this, South Africa is the cheapest AND offers the biggest selection (heart, lung, liver, pancreas and kidney)
- blue stages of death - the dreaded winbdows screens - Vista = depression
- Sport beans - from the same manufacturer as power bars, look good
- Music review - El-P, 9/10



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