Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Q20 in the eye

Q20 in the eye? ...no problem!

Last night I was putting Ethan to sleep on my computer chair which somehow became squeaky. With him in my arms I went to the home tools cupboard and grabbed the Q20. Leaning over (still with him in my arms) to look under the chair to see where to spray, I caught myself sending a direct squirt into my eye. It may not have been more than a seconds worth, but it came at quite a force.

Good news: It causes only a small amount of discomfort. I kept the eye closed (handed the baby to Terri) and rinsed well with lots of water. I admit that I also used a bit of soap as it's quite oily (with my eye still closed) before I dunked my eye into the water. It was no longer than two minutes later and it was fine.

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