Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our new son Ethan

Quick introduction to Ethan Levin, born November 30, 6pm.

He was a number of days overdue and there were signs that he wasn't coming on his own so the birth plan changed from natural to a scheduled Ceasar. Having experienced them all now (natural, emergency ceasar and scheduled ceasar) it's good to be able to participate in any discussions on the matter (please post your comments). I'm sure that I'll be posting more here and otherwise we've started publishing to the web using Picasa We're all thrilled to have him around, and we're all well and eager to see 2007, Baruch Hashem. Best wishes and love to you all.



Blogger Echo said...


Damn...I cant imagine having a kid. Must be a helluva experiance when u think about it.

3:44 pm  
Blogger aLan said...

Strongly recommended! Just keep practising... if I could, I would have a dozen... (actually I always said 11, so I can have my own footbal team).

5:45 pm  

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