Friday, October 13, 2006

Skype vs OS X review

I was happily running BETA and last week (Oct 4) when I started it up it gave me a pop-up window that a newer version was out and I should download All sounded good, I mean one would rather use a final release than a beta so I went ahead and installed.

Turns out that (Skype os x with video beta) includes video and does not. Actually the beta version works really well and includes all the functionality and interface enhancements of the final release. Finally I can video conference with my windows buddies and vice versa, thanks Skype, finally my built in iSight becomes very useful in that it extends beyond just iChat and other Apple users. I must admit that iChat is a slightly better quality but the Skype video beta works really well. I've had about two crashes over a period of five weeks of usage. More often I get a 'playback error' but that's an ongoing problem that continues from previous releases and all it requires is a restart of Skype.

So if you're on OS X and using skype I recommend:
- use the video beta (currently and link is above) and don't take too seriously the comment on their website which says "only recommended for experienced users and should not be used on a production system that you depend on".. it's really very stable.
- if you are already and get the popup to download the newer version, just select and click "Skip Version" and do not "Download now"


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