Wednesday, September 20, 2006

iWeek 2006

over lunch at iweek
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This year was the tenth anniversary of the ISPA (in Saouth Africa) and the fifth iWeek. I'm proud to have been involved with the ISPA since it's second year (or maybe first) and this was a great conference, I really enjoyed it and as always, learned a great deal. I was also very lucky to have spent time with Esthr, Veni and James.
I can't write like these guys so you must see their blogs, Where's Esther? (in SA at the PIAC meeting), Veni's blog on his trip, and a special one on the authentic Bulgarian restuarant in Cape Town, and James Sengs stories on the venue, Joburg and Voip In Namibia.


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Forgot to mention the photos of the speakers kindly taken and published by Rodney Jones at

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