Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sponsor Canada Day

This was a really well organised sponsorship drive. I received this email today and I had to share it not only because it's so nice for them to be asking me for money for a change, but it seems funny to me to see Canada asking Africans to sponsor Canada Day.

snip --------------------------------------------------------------
Dear Mr Alan Levin

Further to our correspondence of last week, where we took the liberty of asking for a donation in connection with the celebration of Canada Day July 1 2006, we wish to confirm that you have received our communication.

We have been in contact with an enthusiastic, South African restaurateur who has taken an interest in Canadian culture and is also keen to play a part in the organising of Canada Day. He is not, however, in a position to grant us a venue and catering at no cost, but has given us a very generous offer. In order to cover the expense of this event we would appreciate any contribution you can offer and would appreciate hearing from you in this regard in the near future.

As we noted support will receive appropriate recognition at this event.

Thank you for your consideration.


Consul General of Canada
Cape Town South Africa


Blogger aLan said...

I'm really pleased that the SA government appears to have followed through on this opportunity and I charge my glass and second the toasts provided

12:21 pm  

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