Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Spam from the World Resources Institute

When I got to work there were four messages from BELL BELL @ the World Resources Institute. They were all the same and were to inform me of the postponement of a conference on poverty alleviation in China. Whilst I strongly support the efforts in poverty alleviation (I spend time every day on related projects) I cannot condone this type of unsolicited mail.

The worst part was that they "apologize for any inconvenience this postponement may have caused." although no mention of the unsubscribe or unsolicited email, AND to direct further inquiries to Sheri Willoughby at

An email to her to request an unsubscribe resulted in this response: "I will be out of the office until Friday, July 28 with limited access to email". If you need to speak to someone in the BELL program immediately, please call Amrita Wassan at 202-729-7846.

Best regards,
Sheri Willoughby
World Resources Institute


Blogger aLan said...

Even though her autoreply was on, Sheri Willoughby did email and apologise and remove me from their database.

I've got too many horror stories and was too quick to pass this one up. The worst spam I've received is half a GB in hundreds of emails over a long weekend from my University alumni department, each with >2MB attachments .

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