Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Performers Rights

Not your average topic for consideration, but something that I was confronted head on a few years ago. My daughter was chosen to be the Pampers baby for a big TV commercial, which - at the time - we thought was just wonderful.

In the end she/we made a few $100's but I wonder if it was worth it. For me it was worth the learning and the experience and along the way I created a little web site a) to assist other performers (and/or their guardians) to become more aware of their rights and b) to inform the Cape Town industry of how it needs to adapt. The site may be a little old (especially to blog), but it's not out of date. I'm posting it here as the final closure... doubtful that there'll be any further updates. URL: http://performer-rights.za.org


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typo: peRformer-rights.za.org

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