Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Greedy, gutsy, goozy, gormandiser

Something my dad used to say popped up at the coffee machine this morning. Know what it means? My dad said he didn't remember who taught him (Ronnie Socks probably) but his understanding was quite impressive. Greedy (well understood), gutsy (he said was fat) and goozy He said "Who knows what goozy means. It just fits well into the overall sentence", cool made up word. He said that it could mean he who eats like a pig, or he who slobbers and drools while fressing himself (lol!). Gormandiser he said means "he does not know when to stop even if he is full. He carries on until all the food has been devoured by him." Pretty close (and a better definition I would say) to what googlesearch results at Wordweb.


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