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Eczema in the ear - especially sufferers of plugged ears

I'm writing this to share my new experiences with what was diagnosed in February as eczema in the ear. Although my mother tells me that I had infant eczema I don't recall experiencing it or any other eczema and getting it in the ear at my age is not something that I had ever heard of before. There are so many resources on the Internet but none seem to stress what I think is the important and simple mechanism to control it.


I've been suffering with a symptomatic plugged ear since last May (2008 - just over a year now). My ear gets plugged because the wax doesn't find a natural way to drain from the ear. Most sufferers complain of the dry skin only or severe itchiness and sore canals. I have these symptoms too and they are uncomfortable but I don't find anything as debilitating as the plugged ear.

Initial diagnosis and initial treatment

My family doctor told me it looked like dermatitis and syringed the ear (using cool water), sent me home with drops and told me to come back in a couple weeks. He looked then and said it was much better. Three months later the same again. Less than six months later it was plugged again and I decided to visit the ENT (specialist). The ENT said that as we get older (I'm 40 now) so our ears can become less efficient at processing wax so basically I will need to come have my ears cleaned our (with their special suction instrument) and what I was experiencing was effectively a natural build up of wax.

Four months later I started smelling a rat. Literally... it started on occasion but then for about three hours a day in random situations, I would start smelling a dead rat. After searching the areas I started asking others and soon realised it was only me smelling the rat. It was an infection in the tube that links the ear to the nose. I went back to the ENT and spoke to the head of the practice who finally diagnosed the problem as eczema in the ear. It finally all made sense because the 'crispy' stuff I thought was wax, was really just skin and this mixed with the wax was caused the plugged ears.

He cleaned the ears out again and it is so relieving. You go in feeling miserable and come out like a new person but when one adds up the bills it's hard to digest a 3-6 monthly visit to a specialist physician. He gave me drops and suggested that eczema in the ears is related to dandruff, and I should wash my hair and ears with a strong anti-dandruff shampoo.

Four months later I was plugged again. The ENT was busy so I tried a new one (the third ENT so far). She was great, cleaned out the ears and confirmed the diagnosis. Confirmed it was common. And... advised that I should make sure the ear stays dry. So much so that for the first ten days I must not even wash my hair. She also gave me some new ointment and yet another type of drops but they were definitely secondary to the main change that the ear must be dry.

I've now met a couple of other people who have the condition although both have had it since birth. I'm still puzzled how it only started onset at the age of 40. I am more convinced now that by keeping the ear dry one can manage the problem better.

I hope that others that experience any similar symptoms or diagnosis will share their comments at the end, so please feel free to contribute to this and maybe we can even establish or join a more specialised community.

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Blogger nancyf said...

I, too, have eczema in both ears. I went to a specialist a year ago and she diagnosed the problem. I started experiencing the problem about 4 years ago when I caught a severe head cold and my ears plugged. After that I started noticing the liquid in my ears and then the dry flaky skin. My doctor said that with aging the lining thins out and that could be the problem. No infections were ever found in my ear. Finally ended up at the specialist..she did not give any specific instructions except to use a liquid drop prescription which cost 60.00 and is only good for 3mos. The appointment was 140.00. Which to me means that she expected me to be a regular. I've been using vaseline to keep the inside of my ears to keep the crud soft so I can remove it...its disgusting.

5:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that's really interesting that you were "smelling a rat"! I wonder how many people have seen a shrink for "smelling things that are not there"?!? I have eczema in my ears too, I thought I was going deaf for a couple of years and when the unbearable itching and fluid started showing up I almost freaked. Anyway I experimented putting my husband's steroid drops in my ears. Bingo. But I didn't get a diagnosis until I mentioned it to a doctor who suffered from allergies herself. For me it was pure potluck.

3:47 am  
Blogger aLan said...

Nancy, and anon, thanks for your replies. I must admit that my fourth doctors advice - about keeping the ear dry (inside) - has worked for me.

Yes, the steroid (and quarterzone) drops did offer some relief but they do not control the problem. I find that the drops keep the ear moist which is what caused my ears to plug up and remain uncomfortable. Nancy, I'm not sure if vaseline is your best bet...

I rather use a cream (Elocon) which I apply on the entrance to the canal, and I rub it in for about 5 days after I've had an episode. I think the cream is better because it's not 'wet' like the drops. I keep any and all liquids out. I wear ear plugs (in the shower or pool) and I try to dry the ear (inside and out) as best as possible if it ever gets wet.

By keeping it dry it stays clean (the skin just flakes out very easily) and I've been problem free for almost 8 months.

5:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the same problem and have been trying to combat it for years. The closest thing I have found to relief is triamcinolone cream. I have found that I need to be very aggressive though or the problem continues indefinitely. The cream at best provides a week or so of relief. I am considering food allergies as I have already tried changing shampoos and keeping ears dry. I am 32 and have had this since undergrad. My boyfriend at the time told me I had a neurosis because I kept itching my ears. Sigh...I hope you have better luck.

3:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

funnily enough my mom and i both got it at exactly the same time about 8 years ago (when i was 18 and she was about 47). the combination of an anti-dandruff shampoo and fungal cream (disgusting yes) seems to work. however, our main cause for an itchy-outbreak is the amount of stress we are under. never thought about not getting ears wet (though it makes perfect sense) - thx for this.. definitely going to try and keep ears drier. haven't heard of many others with the same problem..

9:01 pm  
Anonymous patty said...

I to have the same problem and it was nice to read that others have the same thing. I was beginning to think I had something out of the ordinary. I have too been back and forth from the Doctor and its been the same thing, different drops, meds to take, and washed them out, only to have it come right back. I have an appointment soon, not soon enough, with a specialist. Some of the dry flakes I can get with my fingers, thank goodness. Thanks all....

9:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had itchy ears for about 3 years, but only 6 month ago after having a bad cold I had a lot of earache and bigger problems began. Even when the cold went I still had problems with my ears ever since. My ears constantly fill up with liquid, are incredibly itchy and are flaking inside. I finally went to the doctors today who looked in my ears and said it looked like eczema, had given me a steroid cream and ear drops and said to keep the ears dry. She said it although it could occur again it should clear up in a week and to go back if it hasnt gone in a week. Here's hoping.

9:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alan, I too experienced the same symptoms, 3 years ago. My doctor said my ear was filling up with fluid & sent me to an ENT, who said I had to have gromitts fitted. I had this done but it didn't help. Late last year I went back to my doctor with the flaky ear & fluid leaking from my ear, it was then that he diagnosed it as eczema & prescribed eardrops, which helped for a couple of weeks ... & yes I still have this problem & feel concious of this all the time .... I wish I can find a cure! M

12:57 pm  
Blogger aLan said...

hi, thanks for your comments. I am really pleased that I it's now been almost a year since my ears were last plugged. I have had occasional itchiness and the flaking continues. I am still convinced that it's really manageable when I keep my ears dry.

I could not keep them dry when I used drops, so those only helped with very symptomatic relief. The drops did not help fix the problem (they made it worse). I do use the cream and I apply around the entrance to the ear and rub it in as best as possible.

You can sense when your ear is moist. Use a kleenex, twirl to a point and keep it dry!

2:03 pm  
Blogger Steph said...

Hi there! I too am suffering from the same problem. I had an on and off itch it my ear for quite some time coupled with ear wax builup. Then it started to get worse after a bout of severe cold. After that, I developed a severe inflammation in my ear canal so much so that I couldn't even chew properly. The doctor prescribed some ear drops, Chlorophenocol and I used it religiously. But lo and behold it worsened my condition. I got referred to an ENT specialist and found out that I had an allergic reaction to the drops. He cleaned out my ears and gave me Ofloxacin ear drops which solved the problem for a few weeks. But the itch wouldnt go away and that led to nights of insane ear scratching [with my finger jammed in my ear..] and this only worsened my condition. Finally after another visit to the ENT, he told me that I had eczema in my ears. He cleaned it out and syringed some steroid creams into my ears. My ears are blocked with the cream but it feels so much better now! No itch at all! He also advised me to keep my ears completely dry as much as possible.

2:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ive sufferd with both ears now for about 2 years now with endless trips to my gp for drops which dont work any way my symptoms are liquid from ears somtimes smelly yellow dischrge very sore deaf in both ears very red in side my ears. this has made me very depressed and crying all the time cos i cant hear what anybody are saying very muffeld i went to see an ENT dr he says i have ecxama in my ears ok i can deal with the excama but the deafness no way

12:08 am  
Blogger aLan said...

I'm amazed that there are so many GPs who are not more aware of Eczema in the ear. More interestingly there are so many ENTs that are not aware of the importance of keeping the ear dry. Drops keep the ear moist, do these help or hurt?

1:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

UNDER $12 AND IT WORKS! I read about this combo from a post and it works. On a Q-tip put equal parts Cortizone 10 (creme with aloe) and Lamisil AT (creme known for jock itch) inside infected ear once a day. Bedtime seems to work best for me. I finally have slept through the nights without having to dig in my ears.
I have had the problem for 8 years now but last year has been the worse until now. I have tried it all. The creams and drops from the doctors. Cleaning with peroxide and alcohol. Vaseline and Neosporin. I have read on the internet, watch specials on TV, gone to herb stores, and looked up home remedies. Guess what? I can tell you I don't have a cure but I have something that clears it up. I’m so excited to share this with you. With the cost under $12 I can live a normal life. HOORAY!!!!!!!!

3:16 pm  
Blogger FB @ said...

What worked for me, is clobetasol.

It's a prescription medication and it works on ALL eczema

I put a dab of it on a q-tip, and gently apply it inside my ear where it itches

Then I wait until it soaks in, and go back in to clean it out with a new, clean clobetasol-covered q-tip

It seems to have worked for me, and it really stops the unbearable itching that stops me from sleeping

3:57 pm  
Anonymous Murray said...

Great post aLans. I really appreciate this. Even just to know that these same set of symptoms are shared by so many (or at least, some other people!)...

I too am really disappointed that it is so common to go to the GP, and they do not understand this problem. Wasting people's money and time, without being able to offer a responsible solution.

I've had problems in my left ear, very occasionally since I was young, but in my twenties (I'm 31 now), I started to get a blocked ear. I think it may have been brought on from wearing headphones a lot (I wear them all day sometimes at work, and work in audio in my spare time, making music). So they're probably often a bit moist, and generally not getting fresh air.

I also get dandruff, so it's good to know (as I've sometimes idly suspected) that it's related, especially as I often sleep on my left ear, which probably results in dandruff on the pillow (this sounds yuck, but oh well).

Doctor's have given me drops, and generally had no idea what's going on. They just don't seem to know about ears! They've told me headphones should not cause any problem, but I think they add to the issue.

Admittedly, GPs have helped clear it out in the past, and prescribed antibiotics that do work, ultimately, and one gave me squishy ear plugs and told me to wear them when showering, so I guess ultimately the collected information adds up to what you're saying. But it'd be great if more doctors had a clear idea of this condition so they could offer immediate and effective help for sufferers.

(That being said, our medical system here in Australia as a whole is great, and the doctors and nurses and specialists are good!) :)

I'll try some of the things suggested here by you and all those replying! Thanks. :)


9:13 am  
Blogger de said...

For all my ear digging sufferers, I was diagnosed 3 years ago, given a cream, went away, until this winter, went back to my ENT to find out he had retired and saw his PA, she prescribed Dermoptic drops, absolutely useless. So I called and she prescribed betamethasone valerate cream, used for 4 months, back and forth. little relief maybe a day or two. So last week I called and said please give me what the Dr. had given me before, she did and my friends in 2 days I was itch free!!!! This magical cream is Clotrimazole Betamethasone Dipropianate Cream, $10.00 at walmart, with no insurance. So please give this a try, it has really worked for me, now that its gone when I feel an itch I will just use a small amount and keep it away, YEAH!!!

5:00 am  
Blogger soozie3201 said...

Have the same problem had eczema as a child and at the age of 30 started with itchy ears. I discovered on my own that I must keep them dry. If I shower or swim afterwards I immediately take an earbud, tip my ear towards the ground and dry the inside. I am more or less itch free unless I slip up and forget to dry them.

10:26 pm  
Blogger aLan said...

:( been very depressed the past few days... I had to see the ENT for a clean after more than a year of being clear. A few days later it was pretty much full of wax again. I lasted about 6 weeks and finally my ear was totally plugged all weekend. Glue ears are not pleasant, clearly not a serious condition but so disorienting and depressing. Couldn't find anything that would help. I must admit that I did get some minor relief from Auriclean but it was short-lived.

I've also learned that we are all affected differently. It seems like I suffer mainly from the glue / plugged ear problem whereas most others suffer more from the pain and itchiness. I'm thinking of starting a new thread on the topic of how to clean a plugged ear but in the meantime I found another forum with many others comments on the pain and itch management -

Still no satisfying answers...

11:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Alan, so sorry to hear this. A friend has been told to drop warm "sweet oil" into his ears, he has a problem with plugged ears, this seems to be helping him.

1:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I now have a plugged ear after coming off a flight 3 days ago. I had to see 2 ENT's & a MRI to finally get diagnosed with ear eczema 3 years ago (27yo) & went to see a third recently as i could not understand how the liquid was related to the eczema as I also had ezcema as a child. I have to go about 3 times a year to get the special suction instrument & i too get that awful smell! I have never called it a rat but have thought that it smells like something has died! They have told me since the start that it is related to keeping my ear dry & despite using a shower cap & ear plugs, i was still having problems. I have been given that many different drops, it always gets better then within a few months its back again. I have tried anti dandruff, fungal & cortisone as when my ear gets itchy so does my head. It used to hurt but doesn't anymore, I just get embarrassed as even with a good clean in the morning i'm flaking everywhere again by lunchtime. I also find that if use my phone on that ear when i take the handset away my ear is full of liquid, which makes no sense! My latest ENT believes i need to make sure i clean flakes out everyday as when flakes build up he believes it creates the liquid behind it(he has used betadine on a tip that gives great relief from itch too) .I have also read it can be related to stress & was super scared to go on a plane in case my ear drum burst but decided to take a trip. When i landed my ears popped fine at my first destination but the night before my next flight the liquid started again. When i landed my ear popped but ever so slowly (5 mins) as you could hear it crackle through the flakes. Third destination was home, now relaxed & ear was dry from warm climate but the ear never popped. After looking for a solution online to get my ear to pop, i came across info that not popping relates to a failing Eustachian tubes & also about Otitis media with effusion (OME). So i am now i am looking into that my problem lies in my Eustachian tubes. But will still need to see the ENT again as despite chewing, holding my nose & blowing, sudafed etc. I'm not game to put any liquids into my ear & I agree the plugged ear is so debilitating!

3:33 pm  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

I have had itching ears since i was 19...
stopped having ear wax then so thought this was the problem. The first specialist said it was from swimming in cold water as a child which created a hard ledge that any water from swimming or showering would seep into...suggested an over the counter "swimmer's ear solution..basically a vinegar solution.
Over the years it grew worse...Crisco solid shortening,olive oil and baby oil
moisturized them but still had the itch
at times. forward 40 yrs later..
i had an earache and hearing loss with pounding in my ears...lost my hearing..
I ended up in the ER and they gave me abtibiotic drops for the ear...was out of pain but still couldn't debilitating..depressing and had everyone annoyed when asking them to repeat what they said...felt like i was ear doc said i had eczema but gave me no solution to the problem. The 2nd doc gave me steroid drops but the pharmacist was nervous about steroids too close to the brain.
So i didn't use it much...3rd times the charm...he restored my hearing by vacuuming/suctioning out my wasn't was debris from the dried flaky skin surrounding the skin on my eardrums...He had a big grin when he finished and said..can u hear me now?
Yes..perfectly...i was a new person instantly..gave me a vinegar based solution..said if I slept on my side to have the bad ear away fr the pillow to air dry..said to pull down on my lobe to dry ear after shower and to use plugs when showering or swimming...
8 weeks later...i got some pain..and itching...but no debris...did have the pounding when i laid down...He gave me the steroid cream..for no more than 10 days..and went right out and used the plugs this time...he also said that the
corraded (sp)artery ran "very" close to the ear...(get a great surgeon if you need nasal/ear surgery)..if that artery gets punctured, we'd be brain dead..anyway..not sure if the ears are
pounding/whoosing b/c of itching or if i'm gonna' have a stroke...anyway he said to use baby oil this time..but did see a yogie on a show..has a book..the Guru in You..and he said to use Giiee or Geeii in our ears and nose to lubricate...but need to find it first..
Thanks for all the good advise and will be diligent this time. Good Luck to all..and will tune in again.

12:19 pm  
Blogger info said...

@ Elizabeth. Ghee is unclarified butter.Check up on wikipedia about how to make it. Not sure if this would work, but interesting moisturiser! I have very small ear canals, so water gets stuck in there very easily. I NEVER allow water to stay there, immediately after swimming or showering i dry them out with earbuds, pulling my lobe down while i clean them. They are still abit itchy, but not as unbearable as they used to be.

Has anyone tried tea tree oil?

10:41 pm  
Blogger Michelle said...

Just a tidbit of information about oils and dandruff I thought I'd share. I read above that dandruff and ear eczema may be related, and antifungal creams worked for some people.

I know that dandruff is a fungus, which feeds on saturated fatty acids (oil which comes from our hair follicles for instance). If you use an unsaturated fat (oil) it starves out the fungus. I am wondering if this may be helpful for use in the ear.

Note than ghee and crisco (mentioned above) are saturated fats, rather, so google "unsaturated fats/oils" if you are interested in trying this. Putting some tea tree, thyme, lavender, or rosemary essential oil (15 drops total per oz of unsaturated oil) in it may give it a boost, but careful of open sores.

9:19 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am trying oregano oil and colloidal silver...I am going to use these diligently 3X daily. I am also eliminating nightshades from my diet...I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks everyone for all of the good info.

4:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had eczema in my ears since I had my daughter 7 years ago. they are flaky on the outside and I am losing my hearing with the dry skin in them. I have tried drops, cream, doctors. Nothing helps. Eventually I feel that I will loose my hearing because of it. If people dont talk loud enough, I can't hear it. Even my daughter had to talk loud for me to hear her. This is a bad condition and I would love a cure. Help me to get my life back and be able to hear my daughter laugh.

4:05 am  
Anonymous Martin said...

I was finally diagnosed with eczema in the ears a couple years ago. They had to be repeatedly suctioned out by an ENT specialist. I had been taking garasone drops and amoxacillin or lin-amoxin orally when I lost my hearing, but a tolerance builds up.
I have had some success over the last couple years with the ENT's advice of using a cotton ball or even half a cotton make-up pad in each ear mixed with vaseline to keep out moisture during showers. Another precaution is to use vinegar (initially diluted with water) every day, and then use it a couple times a week after the problem becomes manageable. You also increase to full strength vinegar as you are able to tolerate it. Don't leave the vinegar in for long, simply tilt your head to drain it. The best way seems to be to put in the vinegar with an eye dropper, and then put the vaseline coated cotton in your ears right before taking a shower. Removing the cotton effectively drains the left over vinegar drops.
When things get too bad, I use Ciprodex ear drops. Things were working well, but seem to be worsening again. The vinegar drops might help some people (evidently the acidity of the vinegar acts as a natural antibiotic). Worth a try despite the annoyance.

6:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your posts! My now 2yr old had been itching his ears until they bleed off and on for over a year. his Ped says he is fine when I have his ears checked. I use a little bit of Baby Aveeno Eczema cream on a Q- tip near the front of the canal, he seems to get immediate relief. I will be making an appt with my ENT for him this week!

1:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm 36 and have had this problem for nearly a year - a build up causing plugging every month or two being the main problem. It really does make you miserable. I have been syringed many times and it is always recommended to use olive oil to soften the wax first and to manage the problem afterwards.

Only actually seen the doctor once who suggested antehisthamine tablets (like for hayfever) but this was based on a hunch rather than any medical evidence. She did not mention dermatitis though. I have yet to conclude whether this helps or not.

My own hunch is that it is related to some kind of skin condition as i started suffering form dry skin on my face around the same time, in the area where my spectacles touch my nose and between my eyes. Can you be allergic to plastic - I don't know?.

8:24 pm  
Blogger Mo said...

I just got back from my ENT, all he said after the diagnosis was it is a boil, I refused to believe it, for I just had a major major nasal sugery done and my ear should've stopped etching. My condition had gone so bad that my left part o my face was numbing up and I was seeing blur from my left eye. I do have a conditionon Eczema but that is on my left ankle. So I come back unsatisfied and googled if eczema also persisted in ears and when I found the answer to be a yes I got my topical gel that I used to use fir my ankle and laced a earbud in it and applied and trust me I am immediately feeling better qnd the pressure that was thwre in left ear has subsided. I think I am going to follow the very procedure I followed for my ankle and apply it twice through a Q-Tip.

1:15 am  
Anonymous Amy D said...

I was diagnosed with eczema in my ears about 2 years ago, I've read all your comments and I feel I'm not alone any more dealing with this! I'm a HUGE swimmer and not only do I have the funky ears but I've had clogged ears for what seems forever. I've been to two ENT and I'm onto my third. Not once has a doctor thought to mention to have my ears suctioned, which makes sense. Nepsporin just came out with an eczema cream, I'm going to give that a whirl. I haven't swim in over a week and I'm so bummed.

8:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too have eczema in my ear. The dermatologist prescribed a steroid cream which seems to help if I notice it early. For a while I was using dandruff shampoo to help keep it under control but then I got an ear infection from the water and decided to not do that again. That's an awful situation. However, recently I went to whole foods and asked if there was some sort of herbal remedy that could help. He suggested flax oil. He said that eczema is a reaction to an allergen. And that sugars fuel the eczema. The flax oil helps to keep the allergens from the area. I started taking the flax oil and noticed an instant improvement. I had chocolate tonight, and noticed my ear started weeping within an hour maybe. So maybe if you cut back on sugars it will help with the itching, flaking and weeping. I also habitually dry my ears after showering. I believe that can contribute to the problem. It's no cure, but hopefully it helps keep the flare ups under control.

5:34 am  
Blogger Skellyvision said...

I too have eczema in my ear canals after many years of suffering with itchy ears and hearing loss due to a build up of wax a UK dr told me I have small ear canals and eczema. He told me not to get my ears syringed as I'd done many times before as the water irritates the eczema, he also said to use warmed (by body heat I usually put the bottle on my person for a while before using) olive oil with a dropper regularly to keep the ear moisturized and the wax under control. Apparently messing inside the ear itching etc creates more ear wax so it's a bit of a vicious circle. I've read dry environments are better for eczema but I'm finding the opposite my problem subsided quite a lot whilst living in humid Hong Kong but now seems to have worsened since moving to dryer Australia. I'm interested to try cream inside the ear for eczema.

12:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cured myself with a thyroid medicine and an elimination diet.
I had severe eczema in my ear canals. I would scratch at it and get ear infections. I thought I would eventually become deaf. I was very afraid. So I researched all of it.
I had almost no ear wax. I also had dry skin, low morning body temp, intolerance of heat/cold, very slow hair & nail growth, and other signs of low thyroid. But my thyroid blood test results showed only a bit low, but still in the normal range.
To increase ear wax production and restore normal oily skin, I took a thyroid medicine Cynoplus, which is a T4/T3 combination. I now have some ear wax and oily (not dry)skin. Before all this, I was trying all kinds of natural soaps and shampoos, body lotions, etc as the solution. Now I can use any soap or shampoo and don't need skin lotion.
I also try to have more healthy oils in my diet -- olive oil, real butter, peanut butter, etc.
Also, to fully stop eczema flare-ups, I did an elimation diet of the most common food allergens (corn, wheat, tree nuts, coffee, alcohol, gluten, etc). I found that whenever I ate the smallest amount of corn (in any form, including high fructose corn syrup [found in MANY foods and drinks], corn starch, popcorn, etc) the eczema would start within 1-2 days. This happened even after I increased my ear wax by boosting my thyroid, but the eczema was very minor -- it didn't spread to the ear canal, just at the opening and went away quickly.
I have been free of ear eczema for three months now and also feel much better overall. The Cynoplus thyroid hormone T4/T3 also cured my chronic fatigue, brain fog, frequent depression, and slow wound healing.
Research/Google elimination diet and also the symptoms of low thyroid (hypothyroidism) -- and cure yourself permanently.
If you can't afford many doctor visits or expensive U.S. medicines, or you have a doctor who is unwilling to let you try thyroid hormones, you can try another doctor -- or order online inexpensive Cynoplus from a Mexican pharmacy and start at the lowest dose. You can also order U.S. blood tests via the Internet (without a local doctor), with blood taking labs in almost every U.S. city; the test results are emailed to you.
If you can afford it, it is best to see a doctor, ask for a hard copy of blood test results, and get a prescription for U.S. medicines. Remember that even if blood tests show normal levels of thyroid hormones, but you still have many of the low thyroid symptoms, you may need to insist that your doctor let you try thyroid hormone pills -- especially if you have serious problems like eczema in you ear canal and resulting, dangerous ear infections. See if T4/T3, or T4 alone, increases ear wax production. You will know in one week if it works.
I found that the hormone T4 (synthroid) alone is not as effective as a T4/T3 combination for improving ear wax and skin oil production, and relieving many other symptoms of low thyroid (hypothyroidism).

5:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just leaving a tip for those who complain the clogging and deafness and annoyance of having to have an ENT clean out your ears every few weeks. I make jewelry and one day the itching was so bad that I slightly bent an eye pin (small wire with open circle on the end) and just scraped everything out of my ear, now do it every day and gave up on the ENT. Never have found a cream or diet that works, but at least I'm not deaf anymore. You can buy eyepins wherever you can buy jewelry supplies (Michaels, etc). They have a rounded end and very slim, easy to use as a dead-skin-fluid-gunk scraper. Disclaimer: you're not supposed to put anything in your ears. (But for those of us that have used everything from safety pins to toothpicks, this is much easier and safer IMO.)

5:22 pm  

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