Monday, April 07, 2008

Are you Proudly SA?

Proudly SA logoMy company used to pay a few thousand rands per year to contribute toward this "exciting" campaign to promote South African companies, products and services which (it says on the website) are helping to create jobs and economic growth in our country.

Unfortunately we did not find that the campaign was in any way exciting nor did we find that they promoted our (South African BEE) company. I am sure that it's different for bigger multi-nationals but in the meantime we thought it would be better to formally join the Internet Service Providers Association which does a whole lot for all the ISPs in SA.

The very sad part is now I can't get off their email lists, and I get so much spam from them. I've asked so many times now to be removed but sadly I think they don't read their email :(

Bottom line is I am proudly South African and my company is proudly South African, we're simply a little embarrassed that the organisation doesn't do a better job.


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