Thursday, April 22, 2010

Signing emails with mail on OS X (Snow Leopard)

I struggled with this for too long and finally worked it out. Now that Thawte are gone, both Comodo and Startcom offer a free SSL cert.

They deliver it in to your browser and the problem was that I kept on exporting it from Firefox. Finally worked out that you need to 'backup all'. These are slightly different parts of the security section and remember not backup, backup all. Then you get the key and cert packaged nicely in a .p12 file (You can name it whatever you want and when you select backup all it also prompts you with the keyphrase you need to install it.

Once backup is done, just double click and it should install itself into your keychain.

To use it remember to restart Apple Mail and that it will only work with the email address you specified when you got it issued. Send me an email, now I need to test the encryption (2048bit) :)

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