Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What happened to the Vipercell? ...open source GSM

The Vipercell is one of those products that 'never' made it to market, or did it? I've certainly never seen one and I can't even find any references online any more. Fortunately, I did keep a cutting (amazingly - see the image below). The web reports that it went through a few legal iterations, with Cisco at the helm. I guess when they finally won, it was a flat time and the idea dies. Last month the TV company started selling devices that receive and stream sattellite TV via a hospot to all mobile devices in range. I expect that there's still life in this idea.

"Hang Vipercell antennas on the walls of your company's far flung locations, connect it to your ethernet and pow: your branches are now free calling zones for all cell phones. Vipercell intercepts voice and and messages with all GSM phones and reroutes via IP.

Viper Cell sold to Cisco in 2000 

Perfect idea for Cisco. But the biggest customers of Cisco were the telephone companies that still make massive sums of money from GSM voice and data so the legal battle is an ideal shelter and the idea's on the shelves.
Now, it's ten years later but equally aggressive and threatening. So where's the ideal spot for the idea to bubble up...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If one did this in South Africa, who would shut you down first, Vodacom or Icasa?

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