Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Internet Society of South Africa

In South Africa, at least 80% of the population has never seen or used
the Internet. Considering that at least 25% of the population use
mobile phones regularly, and I would estimate that 80% have used a
mobile phone I believe that we have much work to do and opportunities
to do real outreach.

As such ISOC-ZA spent time over the course of last year trying to work
out and pondering what to do. After a visit to Senegal we learned that
the Internet Fiesta was a proven model and something that we could
easily replicate here. Over the past few months we've narrowed down the
potential locations for a pilot where we would reach >1000 individuals
over a weekend. If this is successful we hope to chose locations where
we can exceed 5000 per weekend.

Just updated the Internet Society - South Africa website with: "Internet Fiesta proposal v3 published - sponsors saught after...".


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