Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Flickr photo website, and a family photo

Shai with milk teeth
Originally uploaded by mralan.
The reason why I didn't catch onto blogging for a while is really because I've maintained a personal web site for many years. The thing is that it is really quite time consuming dealing with many photos and the copy writing and coding and uploading etc. So besides creating this blog I started using flickr and I am impressed. I like the way that the tagging and various interfaces based on date and other embedded photo information is used.
This photo of my family - Chiara and Terri in the background and my son Shai in the foreground, taken during the Winter so I guess I'm still catching up :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehe. Welcome to the dark side. Thanks for the link to my site.
- Guy

9:24 pm  

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